Monday, February 23, 2009

The LA Dodgers have arrived in AZ

On Friday 2/20/09 we drove out to Glendale, AZ to see if we could catch the Dodgers in some batting practice. This is a brand new facility that the Dodgers are sharing with the Chicago White Sox's. As a matter of fact, the stadium & parking lot are not even finished, they are working frantically to have it completed for their first game...March 1st., which we bought tickets to. There very first game ever will be the White Sox's versus the Dodgers....and we will be there.

We arrived at batting practice to find the one & only Tommy Lasorda driving around in his golf cart, dressed in his Dodger blues and signing autographs (no sighting of Joe Torres.) We watched batting practice and then as the Dodgers are famous for....VERY FAN FRIENDLY, they walked down a path right next to the fans & stop to sign autographs and pose for pictures. It was very fun, Will has his baseball hot dog, he got an autograph for Uncle Lloyd and I tried to take pictures with my "throw away Kodak camera." The new park is beautiful and we look forward to coming back for a game.

Saturday, 2/21/09 was a very busy day, we were invited to a "Meet and Greet" your friends & neighbors on L Street...which is where we are parked in Mesa Spirit - L65, at 9 am. You were to bring your favorite snack (I brought a fruit tray) your coffee cups and come & visit, which we did. It was a wonderful gathering & we met so many of our neighbors, most all which are from very cold country...Canada, Minnesota, Maine, Wisconsin & more. They can't believe that people from California would be here as a matter of fact I don't think we have met anyone else from CA. We explain about "tule fog" and of course your non stop rain but it doesn't make much sense to them.

After leaving the gathering we had reservations for a matinee at Baleen's Arizona Opry, which is a variety show much like the Grand Old Opry. Lunch was served at 12 noon & the show started at 1 pm. We shared a great table with couples from WA & Minnesota, the table was great fun & lots of talking & laughing. The show was very entertaining and designed for "snowbirds" however after seeing it once I don't feel the need to go back. The best part of the show for Will & I was two of the entertainers we had just seen at Tortilla Flats & loved their country music & jokes were part of the matinee performances. That was a bonus for us!

Of course, this still being Saturday, there is bingo at 7 pm in the activities hall at Mesa Spirit and of course we are now owners of bingo markers so off we went at 6:15 so we could find a seat, buy our games & get prepared...this is serious business folks. Well it was a fun evening but again we didn't win any jackpots, oh well, there is always next Saturday night! Needless to say we were dead tired & came home & fell into bed grateful for another fun day in Arizona.

Sunday, 2/22/09 was a day of chores & rest. First off was to clean the house, which we share in doing then I was off to wash clothes & lay in the sun in 80 degree weather. Will stays home to clean his car and motor home....he is always cleaning something on them and they look fabulous. Well as you can is good in AZ and we truly love this park and hopefully we will be able to come back next year.

Re: the blog, friends are telling me they are having trouble posting comments, no worries just enjoy reading it as I'm like doing it. I will tell you that I went into the comments page & took off several restrictions they had set up so perhaps it will be easier now to leave comments. Until next time, much love to our family and friends.

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setzergirl said...

YEAH for baseball season! I hope you enjoyed your first game today and look forward to hearing all about it.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY (tomorrow) and much love!