Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Goodby to Casa Grande

Well our last day in Casa Grande, Monday, 2/9 we decided to do a little sightseeing and in Casa Grande, it only take one day! Well the AAA book says don't miss the Casa Grande Ruins National Monument, www.nps.gov/cagr so off we headed in our shorts & sweatshirts and of course our trusty GPS. Well "she" took us right there and as luck would have it this is a National Park so our Golden Age Passport got us in free...(another perk of being a senior.)

These ruins are the remains of the ancient Hohokam Indian farming village. The main building - The Great House - is a four stories high and 60 ft long structure and quit impressive. This structure has a free standing covering over this building that protects it from the elements but allows you to see it. They discovered homes/huts, ball courts, a complete village of these people. The museum on site tells about the people, the canals they built and many of the artifacts they have found. When we got there it was cool but ok but as the time went on it got down right cold. We ran to the car to gather up any more clothes we had & waited for the 12 noon - 50 minute guided tour. After about 35 minutes of the tour we both were now freezing & was the wind blowing.....we left. We took our picnic lunch that we had brought and went home and ate it at our kitchen table with the heater & fireplace going full blast. Later in the afternoon the wind started to blow like I have never experienced mixed in with a fair amount of rain. The wind & rain lasted all evening and night. So as far as wearing my black shorts everyday, it is now levis & sweatpants. However, they do say this will end soon, but not soon enough for ME.

Tuesday, 2/10 we arrived in Mesa, AZ a small community outside of Phoenix. I choose this park because they had a coupon in one of the books from Quartzside, that advertised, pay for 1 week ($250) and receive one week free, so this made the 2 weeks pretty cheap. Well we arrived at Mesa Spirit RV park and found they have over 1,800 spaces. It's like its only little city. After we got checked in & they escorted to our spot that has a cement patio & carport...amazing and very quiet (we are NOT in the pet section) we decided to go back & ask they what they would charge us for 2 more weeks (1 month total) = answer, an additional $55.00...I said Will, give her the card. We didn't ask anymore questions, just paid & got out of there so now we are settled in & don't leave here until 3/10. The schedule of events for each day are amazing...tomorrow we are taking beginning square dancing, will you posted on this one.

The trip is going wonderful, the RV is working beautiful and Will & I are still speaking. We are having minor problems with the GE microwave, but I have scheduled an appointment with GE for this Thursday to come and look at it again. This will be the 3rd visit and I am hoping for a whole new unit, so we shall see. Hope all is well with our family and friends. Much love to all.


Bev said...

You two are having way too much fun. Good for you. I'm sure you will enjoy the square dancing, am anxious to hear more about that. Love the travelog, thanks so much.

Rita said...

Oh, m'gosh, you are still speaking to each other and signed up for another month?? I bet we don't see you back in California until July! Enjoy the square dancing - are you going to get one of those cute little outfits the ladies wear?