Friday, February 13, 2009

Bannished from square dancing in Mesa, AZ

After getting settled in our new RV park, Mesa Spirit, we checked out the many activities that are offer here and we spotted, beginning square dancing. We decided, that was for us and how lucky we were, it was offered the very next day. On Wednesday, 2/4 we headed down to the hall at 10 am where the lessons were given. We were promptly advised by "the caller" - the head square dancing guy, in a very nice way, I might add, "that the group/class had started 1/7/09 and we would be to far behind & hold everyone else back." They were all sorry (at least that's what they said) and so we left.....banished from beginning square dancing...go figure.

Not wanting to waste the day, we headed over to the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix. This place is spectacular, I know I said the gardens in Tucson were the best, but I truly believe this has them beat. They have many different sections of cactus including many rare and endangered species...the brochure says 145 acres with more than 50,000 plants, we spent all day there. In additional they are having a special exhibit by Dale Chihuly, (the literature show that he has had shows all of the world) - The Nature of Glass. Of course, we have never heard of him but you should have seen the crowds there just for his exhibit. There were amazing glass pieces, in many colors & shapes mixed in with the gardens. If you get a chance google his work just to get an idea of what it is. It is very hard to describe how beautiful it is.

Thursday, 2/12 was they day the GE guy was coming to look at the "clunking" microwave. Of course this is the 3rd service call so I am getting ready for a fight, because I want a new microwave. Nice guy, knew exactly what was wrong with it, fixed it temporarily and ordered the parts for a permanent fix. He will be back latter this month to complete the job. No more clunking sound and actually the popcorn pops better...........

Friday the 13th didn't scare us so he packed our picnic lunch and headed for Apache Trail. This has been named, Best Scenic Drive" in Arizona. The Apache Trail once served as a stage coach route where Indians, cowboys and miners all roamed the mysterious Superstition Mountain. It's where the Lost Dutchman Mine is still waiting to be discovered. Of course today, there are many tourist attractions along the way so we set off to visit some of them. First stop was Superstition Mountain Lost Dutchman Museum (including the Elvis Presle Chapel) Lots of interesting history of the area plus a wonderful museum.

After leaving there we headed to Goldfield Ghost Town which was interesting but designed to sell the tourist lots of different souvenirs. All we bought was an ice cream cone and had our picnic lunch in their parking lot taking in the gorgeous scenery. Then it was on to Tortilla Flats, which really didn't have much to offer except they had a wonderful band playing country music. It was so enjoyable we stayed until they stopped, 4 pm. It is said, Tortilla Flats has the best hamburger ever (are you listening Rog) so we plan to go back for lunch and of course sit through another set of the music. It was really a wonderful day and we are both dead tired...but happy. I'm sure tomorrow will be a day of rest. On our last big trip we were able to run & tour every day but this trip....we can't - but that's ok, it's still a fabulous way "to live." Hope all is well with our family and friends & our condolences to the Kinard family for the recent loss of their hamster. Much love to all.

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Rita said...

Now THAT was an impressive day! The Botanical Garden would be especially interesting (Joe would love it) and the glass art is spectacular! Who cares if you were banished from square dancing, that was more fun!