Monday, February 16, 2009

Bingo Night in Mesa

Well it finally happened, we went to a Saturday night bingo game at our RV park in Mesa. Now I must tell you, these folks take their bingo very seriously. They were very organized; you went down this long table line, purchasing each of the different bingo games and also the marker. I thought Will would "bolt" at that moment but we purchased the whole package & then managed to find 2 seats together. This is a BIG hall and it was really filling up fast. Well fortunately, we had nice people around us that explained through out the evening how these games were played. We of course did NOT win any money but a man & woman next to us won jackpots of $145 each. It really was a fun evening and now we own 2 bingo markers so I bet we go back!

On Sunday 2/15 we drove out to Pioneer Living History Village where they were celebrating 40 years of being in existence. Actually, we missed the reading of the statehood proclamation by Wyatt Earp, great-grandnephew of the famed lawman of the same name. We did see a western gunfight, Indian ceremonial dances, a civil war reenactment battle and then visited all of the buildings that are staffed by volunteers, in costume of 1890 and spoke as such. Many of the building are the actual buildings moved here from around the state of Arizona and some are reproductions. There was a general store operated by Goldwater's father, an opera house, 1870 log cabin, 1890 Victorian house, a cowboy church and many more. The costumes, furnishing and tools were truly amazing. It was a wonderful, living history lesson and very enjoyable day.

Monday, 2/16 we drove over to Sun Lakes, AZ and visited a retired Kastner school teacher, Mike Cooley and his wife Donna. They retired in 2008 and moved to AZ and have a beautiful home in a huge retirement complex with golf courses, and from what they said, every activity you can want or imagine. We spent a very nice afternoon and hopefully will see them again before we leave here. Luckily them, they leave for Nashville, TN (my favorite place) this week to visit their son & family. Safe travel folks.

The trip is going well, rain was predicted today but never happened (rumor has it Angelo Stallis is also Phoenix's weather man) it is still chilly but should end in a couple days and get back into the 70's..I can't wait. I have a chaise lounge at the pool all picked out and have started putting in some serious tanning time. Yes, Alice, I'm wearing my sunscreen! Hope all is well with everyone and much love to family and friends.


setzergirl said...

Sounds like more fun than anyone should be entitled to have! I am heading down to Florida today for Spring Training--seeing your Yankees on Thursday AM at PHOTO DAY! Talk soon....


Bev said...

Again you amaze me. Such stamina and wonderful good humor about things. I really am enjoying your adventures. Keep up the good writing.