Thursday, February 26, 2009

Happy Birthday, Carole....

Well it's hard to believe that I turned 67 years old today. It seems not that long along I said to MY mother on MY 40th birthday....."did you ever think you would have a daughter 40 years old?" And here I am today, 67 and have a daughter 42. However, I must remember, it is only a number as I feel great and am living a wonderful dream...travelling the country and enjoying life.

Today was a baseball day and what a baseball game it was. We saw the SF Giants play the LA Dodgers in SF spring training camp in Scottsdale, AZ. The sun was a fabulous 85 degrees, the peanuts (for me) and hot dogs (for Will) were plentiful and the Dodgers beat the Giants ....16 to 7 the end of a perfect game. After the game we walked over and had a Mexican dinner to cap off the birthday celebration. However, we should have stopped before.....we were "full" going into the restaurant but forged on. It was delicious Mexican food and actually brought most of it home. Can you imagine, Will Lyon walking out with a take home box....that's a first.

Fortunately, tomorrow is a day of rest (like watching baseball is hard) and then we will be back on the "baseball circuit." Much love to our family and friends.


Bev said...

Belated Happy Birthday to Carole. First, thanks for the email jokes. Next, let me tell you I never did like baseball, but the way in which you write -- you are winning me over. Hope you continue to have fun. BE SAFE

Rita said...

Let me also add my belated Birthday wishes! I was a little busy that day getting my Mom moved to Hospice. Sounds as though you really enjoyed it. Yes, it really is only a number - hope every birthday is as fun-filled as this one.

Mary Ann & Calvin said...

I am so jealous. Everything sounds absolutely wonderful. I can understand how you might get a little tired. You don't seem to stop much. Nancy will understand as the years go by. You 2 are living many peoples dream. I really never knew it could actually happen but I have definitely changed my mind. Keep it up and enjoy - which it sounds like you are very, very much. By the way, you are missed.