Wednesday, May 25, 2011

11 days in Albuquerque, NM & counting!

Tuesday, 5/24/11 Woke up today to really bad winds in Albq, NM & only ventured out to go shopping at WalMart and then we each got a pedicure & a manicure for me. (Will draws the line at manicures) Actually, most of the day was spent watching the Weather Channel and following the tornado's. How's that for a job....storm chaser! No thanks.

We cancelled our reservations in Amarillo as it is apparent we are NOT going anywhere until the weather is more stable. We contacted the Camping World, located right next to us, and they are having our refrigerator part transfer to Albq from Oklahoma City and we will stay to have the work done here. They are shipping it overnight today so it should be in Albq on Wednesday, where we can finally get it fixed & be on our way.

Wednesday, 5/24/11 Well the good news, is the wind is GONE in Albq and it beautiful outside. The bad news is Camping World in Oklahoma City closed early because of the tornado & didn't ship the refrigerator part out.......oh well, another day in Albq.

But at least we can get out so today and we are going to Sandi Peak, the world's longest aerial tramway. It has an elevation of 10,378 feet and a spectacular view. It's a great ride up to the top and they had a full car going up. We walked around, taking pictures and then had lunch up there in the High Finance restaurant. No need to explain the name of the restaurant..... After about an hour an a half we took the ride back down the tram and considered the experience....terrific. It really was a perfect day to go up there.

We also discovered that the famous Unser Racing family are from New Mexico and have a museum here. They just happened to have an article in the local newspaper, Albuquerque Journal so after the tram ride we headed over to the museum (which is actually very close to our RV park)

The museum is wonderful, it shows 4 generations of race cars, tells the history of the Unser family Al Sr, brother, Bobby and Al Jr, including mom & pop. Lots of videos with the Unser family talking, and tremendous history of the Pike's Peak & Indianapolis 500 races. The place is laid out beautiful (designed like a wheel with side rooms representing spokes) and we spent several hours touring the main museum and another one out back that had old restored cars, art work and all the trophies they have probably ever won. It was very quiet there so Vince, a docent, gave us a personal tour and we loved the experience. If it hadn't been for the article in the newspaper we would have never know it was here.

Another great day sightseeing and let's hope the refrigerator part comes in tomorrow so we can get this traveling show back on the road. Much love to all family and friends.

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Bev said...

Thank the dear Lord for information resources. Hate to think what might have happened if you hadn't heard the news about the weather. Sounds as if you have not been bored while in ABQ, so many things to do and see. Good for you