Friday, May 27, 2011

We arrived in Amarillo, Texas...finally!

Friday, 5/27/11 We got off to a great early morning start in leaving ABQ, NM we both were ready to move on. The distance was 297 miles and let me tell you it is miles and miles of absolutely NOTHING. I hesitated to even write anything because trust me there is nothing to comment about along the way but very flat & dry. But we are in Texas and the Amarillo Ranch RV Park is a very nice Passport American (1/2 price park.)

We briefly considered going out to dinner to The Big Texan Steak Ranch, home of the world famous FREE 72 oz steak, IF eaten in 1 hour. The restaurant even offers a free limo service to & from the restaurant from your motel or RV park. We saw the limo in our park and it has large horns on the front, pure Texas style. However, they are having a heat wave of 95 degrees here (were lovin it) and decided to stay home & eat our own food, especially me being a vegetarian.

Saturday we will be a day of fun and sightseeing and we will leave Amarillo for Oklahoma City on Sunday. Much love to family and friends.

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