Saturday, May 28, 2011

A day in Lubbock, TX at the Buddy Holly Center

Saturday, 5/28/11 After looking at the choices of things to do in Amarillo, TX ...The American Quarter Horse Museum, Cadillac Ranch, that would be 10 Cadillacs (1949-1963) buried nose down in a cornfield, another Air & Space Museum, we decided to drive to Lubbock, TX, approx 130 miles, each way, south of Amarillo and see the Buddy Holly Center.

The Buddy Holly Center is located on Crickets Ave (as in Buddy Holly & the Crickets singing Peggy Sue) The Center is housed in the Old Fort Worth and Denver Railroad Depot and the B.H. Gallery is shaped like a guitar. It features a permanent exhibit on his life and music. It follows his life from Lubbock, TX to his last concert in Clear Lake, Iowa on 2/2/59. It features many artifacts from his youth and early career. Sadly, his professional musical career only lasted 18 months. There were wonderful displays, his bedroom set from his home was set up, and his famous black horn rim glasses that were recovered in that fatal airplane crash. We loved all the music playing and the wonderful history of rock and roll.

Across the street was a newly installed 7' statue of Buddy Holly in front of the West Texas Walk of Fame. This wall honored West Texas music legends including Rob Orbison, Tanya Tucker, Waylon Jennings and more. Of course I was running like crazy lady taking pictures of everything including the street signs of the Crickets & Buddy Holley Ave. There are lots of clubs and places for outdoor concerts around the B.H. Center but because of Memorial Day Weekend, everything was closed. Even though it was a long drive it was a very fun day and I'm so glad we went.

When we returned we couldn't resist going by The Big Texan Steak House on I-40. This is the place where if you can eat the 72 oz steak in one hour - you get it free. Of course NO where did it tell you what it would cost if you didn't eat it in one hour and we wanted to know. Yep, the price is $72.00 if you don't finish in the one hour. I asked if you could order the steak & split with others. The cost of the steak if you want to split it with family is $200 and they serve 10 side dishes with it. So there you you know and of course after that we went and had dinner at the Golden Corral, all you can eat for $9.95 and it was deeeeeeeeeeeelicious.

We leave tomorrow for Oklahoma City and more adventures. Much love to all family and friends.

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