Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day 5/8/2011

After a Mother's Day breakfast w/Will's kids, Kim, Bill and Eric we are off again in the RV. We will attend Will's granddaughter's wedding in Dayton, Ohio meet Nancy & Howard in Cleveland, Ohio seeing a Yankees game July 4th. Our must see sights are Churchill Downs, The Corvette Factory/Museum, Painted Desert & Petrified Forest, Oklahoma City Memorial, Shawshank Redemption Prison tour and so much more. Of course if you folks have any suggestions out there, please let us know.

Lots of sights & people to see along the way with a destination of Maine. Will has always wanted to visit Maine and the New England states and we didn't on our first cross country trip 2004/05.

The plan at this time is to head down to New Jersey around Sept 10th and visit with Nancy & Howard for a couple of weeks. Afterwards we will drive down to Florida to spend the winter watching the Grapefruit League play baseball, actually that would be in Tampa, home of the New York Yankees. Well that's an overview of our next year and hopefully I will be able to keep up the blog and keep you informed of where we are and what we are doing.

Sunday, our first night out we stayed at our old familiar RV park and believe me I use that term very lightly. Newberry Springs, CA, I'm sure we are the only ones that have ever been there. It is in the middle of the Mojave Desert where that night the sand/winds were blowing at least 30 miles per hour, we had to pull in both slides and I smashed my finger in the door trying to get inside. Day 2 has to be better.

And day 2 was better, we spent the night in Bullhead City, AZ, sun was out and I got to lay by the pool (that always makes it a better day for me.) It was relaxing & we slept like we were dead!

Today, 5/10 we are in Williams, AZ and it's snowing....how weird is that! Williams is the town where you catch the train to take you to the Grand Canyon. We will be here 2 days and this is a great cowboy town and you know how Will likes his cowboys. Much love to all our family & friends.


Cheryl said...

Ron and I stayed a couple of nights in Williams, AZ and took the train ride to the Grand Canyon. So much fun, with a gunfight/train robbery and all. What a great place!

Nancy said...

And I suppose Kathy will want to do Photo Day with the Yankees next year in Spring Training?!?!?


Howard (the East Coast Mayor) said...

Looking forward to the Fourth Mayor!!!!!