Monday, May 16, 2011

Petrified Forest & Painted Desert, Holbrook, AZ

Saturday, 5/14/11 Our last day in AZ we drove to see the Petrified Forest/Painted Desert, of course after seeing Canyon de Chelly the day before we didn't know how this could top it and it didn't. The Painted Desert was pretty however the old Painted Desert Inn, an old restaurant & inn, was the most interesting in this section.

Forest was great to see all the old petrified logs of many colors and crystal formations. We saw a partially preserved pueblo and hundred of petroglyphs etched into stones. Will and I actually took several short hikes on trails thru out the forest to see them up close. It was two great days but we are ready to leave Root 66 RV park on Route 66 in AZ.

Sunday, 5/15/11 We arrived in Albuquerque, NM and are staying at Enchanted Trails RV a pretty nice park located just outside Albq. It's been a long day of driving for Will and we are both pretty tired. This evening we had our first dinner out at Marisco, a seafood & Mexican restaurant which was excellent. We even had a husband & wife couple sing & play Mexican music at our table and Will really enjoyed it.

Unfortunately, Will received some very bad news tonight that his oldest brother, JR had passed away this evening after suffering a heart attack in his home. Will has lost 2 brothers this year so it was pretty devastating news.

I'm having my travel agent, daughter Nancy, make plane reservations for Will to fly home on Wed, 5/18 as the funeral is 5/20 and he will return to Albq on Sunday, 5/22. I will remain in Albq with the RV. The amazing part of this story is Will has been twice to Albq in the last 30 years and on each time they had car or RV trouble and were stuck here for the same repair shop. When we were entering Albq, Will commented, "I wonder what will happen in Albq THIS TIME." Is that a scary story or what!!!! I'm sure this will be the LAST time we past thru Albq.

Monday, 5/16/11 To get out of the RV we took a drive down to Albq Historic Old Town which is hundreds of jewelry stores, art galleries, restaurants and a beautiful town square park across from the church San Felipe de Neri We had lunch on the patio of the restaurant, Hacienda overlooking the town square. On our return trip home we drove back on the old Route 66 which has many cool signs along the way. Much love to our family and friends and a special prayer for Helen.

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Rita said...

SO sorry to hear about Will's brother. Our condolences. No more Albuquerque! Otherwise, sounds like interesting stuff.
XOXO, Rita