Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lunch w/Daniel at the Flying Saucer Diner, Abq, NM

Saturday, 5/21/11 Daniel is an old friend and roommate of Nancy's in their Santa Cruz, CA days...way back in the mid 80's. He is a high school teacher in Albuquerque and Nancy insisted (which of course I wanted to) see him while I was here. It worked out perfect, being in ABQ these extra days.

We talked on the phone & he directed me to the Flying Saucer Dinner off Rio Grande past Old Town. What a great place, big inside dining as well as a huge patio. It seems like a real "local" place to hang out and I think he said there were several more here. I picked a table in the sun (of course) on the patio and we had a great lunch & conversation for a couple hours. Thanks a lot Daniel for lunch and congratulations again on receiving your masters degree this May. I look forward to "crashing" the next S.C. roommate reunion.

After, leaving Daniel, I got the filthy Saturn car washed as I promised Will I would have it cleaned before he got back. After, I headed over to the ABQ Biopark which consists of an Aquarium & Botanic a zoo and Tingley Beach. I was only interested in the gardens and the aquarium. I'm telling you this place is a deal, they charged me a senior price of only $3.00 for admittance into the aquarium & gardens with free parking. The weather is beautiful here today, a light breeze and 80 degrees....just perfect for strolling. I walked through the gardens and they were beautiful, many roses were in full bloom along with lilac that smelled out of this world and I spent several hours there taking pictures and seeing the entire grounds.

After the gardens, the aquarium is right next door, on the same property so I went in there. Now of course I realize I have made a grave error, what was I thinking showing up on a Saturday afternoon on a beautiful day. Every kid, his parents and their STROLLERS were in the aquarium. Yikes, you definitely want to go there during the week. Oh yes, and my camera battery died so I was able to see all the fish in record time. It really was a great day however and I headed home about 4 pm.

My whole evening, after dinner is getting caught up on the blog and yes Cheryl I do read the comments that you and Rita, my two faithful blogger's write and I appreciate it. Much love to all family and friends.........and Will heads home tomorrow, Sunday and we can get this travelling show, "On the Road Again."


Rita said...

Well....I see you wasted no time hooking up with a new guy (& younger) in Will's absence! You go, Girl! It is amazing to see how much you have seen in a short amount of time...and your ability to make new best friends to travel around with makes it all the more fun! Keep up the great blogs....all is well here.

The Kinards said...

sounds like you were busy while there alone. and we were worried you wouldn't like being there alone. lol

Bev said...

Just finished getting caught up with your Blog. You certainly get around. It makes me tired just reading about your adventures, and I will add it make me VERY jealous. It all sounds wonderful and I will keep up with you better. As I tell my kids BE SAFE.
Please express my condolences to Will.

Nancy said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that you caught up with Daniel while you were there. It sounds like a great time. I think you have seen more of Albuquerque than most people who live there!