Thursday, May 26, 2011

"Free at Last" - We are heading for Amarillo, TX

Thursday, 5/26/11 Well today is the day Camping World is suppose to receive the part so the RV refrigerator can be repaired. As luck would have it, Will was out taking his walk when he saw a UPS truck pull into our RV park. He went over and asked the driver if he had delivered anything to the Camping World next door and the driver replied, "Yes, an overnight package from C.W. in Oklahoma City." Bingo!!! that must be our part. We didn't wait for them to call us, we unhooked at our campsite and just drove over there and said, here we are. They said, they were very busy and probably wouldn't get to it until late in the afternoon. Our reply, whenever, we will just wait. Less than 45 minutes later they said they were ready to repair it and we went out to lunch to celebrate.....McDonald's, if you can call that a celebration.

After lunch, Will wanted to see if he could find the old gas station on Route 66, now Central Ave where his van & RV broke down......two separate times, years in between and repaired at the same gas station each time. He remembered it had a small motel next door where he stayed overnight while they sent the part from where ever by Greyhound. So we started at the end of Central Ave located closes to our RV exit 149. Can you believe less than 3 miles from where we started we found the place. Of course the gas station has been converted into a tire shop that also happens to sell "adult movies." WOW what a side line. They also had a "roach coach" parked in front serving lunch, unfortunately or maybe fortunately, we had already eaten. The motel was still in operation next door so I took my trusty camera out and took some pictures to remember this old corner. There are NO websites for these establishments, use your imagination.

Finally, around 1:30 pm Camping World called to say the RV work was done & we could come & take it "home" which we did. Of course this means we at last, Albq is a great city but 12 days is enough, so early tomorrow we finally head for Amarillo, TX. Will says this is definitely his LAST time going through Albuquerque.

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