Friday, October 7, 2011

Alive and well in Old Fort, North Carolina

Friday, 10/7/11 - We left beautiful Virginia today and I would have to say we both agree it has been one of the prettiest states we have been in and the people are incredibly friendly. We were sad to leave our new friends in Greenville, Becky, Will, Carter & Ruth and the "Lunch Lady" (sorry I forgot the name) who were so nice to us and introduced us to that new card game - Five Crowns. I can't wait to buy a package for Will and I to play.

After leaving Greenville Thursday morning we stayed overnight only in a Passport America, Lake Ridge RV, Hillsville, VA. It was a beautiful park but unfortunately had no telephone service on the day I really needed it. My sister, Alice was under going out patient surgery and the line of information went this way: Ed, her boyfriend would text Nancy who in turn would send me an email (good old Verizon works everywhere!) So all day and evening I kept checking the computer for any news. And the news is GOOD....she did just fine and is home and we are all relieved. Thank you Jesus!

I was very nervous about out newest RV park as I was unable to find anything in Asheville, NC due to some big something going on. I found a Passport America park about 23 miles from Asheville and the cost was only $15 a night.....OMG, what could it be? As Will always says, "It has to be better than Stanley's in Ohio." But I booked it anyway for 3 days figuring we could survive. Well, we rolled in here at 3 pm and the place is GREAT!! A wonderful older couple own it and invited us to going into town tonight where they play in a, gospel and bluegrass!! We are parked up on a hill looking out at the beautiful mountains and fall colors, Fred, the owner says in 2 to 3 weeks it will be a solid blaze of color (the story of my life, either to late or to early.) We have already booked tickets for this Saturday and Sunday at the Biltmore Mansion in Ashville. Much love to all our family and friends.

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