Monday, October 24, 2011

OMG you won't believe The Villages, Florida

Monday, 10/24/11 - We arrived at our first stop in Florida, Three Flags RV Resort in Wildwood, FL on Sunday afternoon and find it's a very nice park but not much going on in it. It's ok, we actually are in this area to visit my cousin & her husband, Joan & Lee who live in The Villages which are only about 15 minutes from where we are. I called Joan and we set up sometimes to visit with them, the first one being Tuesday at their house for dinner where we will meet her son, daughter-in-law and grandson for the first time.

On our last trip in 2004/05 when we hit The Villages, Will was sick with the flu and never got to see much of anything so this trip he was all in to find out what The Villages "lifestyle" was all about. We headed out after lunch looking for a sales office to sign up for the bus tour that they offer. Now this place is 40 sq acres with a population of 85,000 so finding one of the sales offices wasn't easy. Now understand, the general mode of transportation of a "Villager" is a golf cart and may I add there are hundreds roaming around. We stopped at one of the many shopping centers and picked the perfect golf cart driver to ask where the sales office was....and he gave us directions right to it. And lucky for us they had a 1:30 pm tour going out and 3 seats left.

While waiting we went out into the town square of Lake Sumter to walk around and started talking to a very nice man who purchased a house in The Villages and loves it. Unfortunately, he has been unable to sell his house in Ohio in the last 14 months so is not living here full time. He gave us lots of wonderful information and we so enjoyed talking with him.

Finally, our full trolley/bus took off and they took us on at least a one hour tour of The Villages and explained and showed us many of the different parts. It seems they have 2 complete sections,
Spanish Springs, the first one built, Lake Sumter Landing, the one being currently sold and finished up and in the works is a new one, Brown something a theme of an old cattle Florida town.

When we were finished we were introduced to a salesman, Carl who then took us on a 2 hour personal tour of some of the recreation area's, he also took us into some model homes and gave us lots of papers to read about The Villages.....all the recreation available, every type of store you can imagine. My favorite was that every night at 5 pm (love the early start time) they have music and dancing in the town square and twice a week vendor tents. In looking through the recreation paper they have a club/meeting for anything you can imagine. Swimming pools, tennis, pickle ball courts, bocci, shuffle board and golf courses, you can't even believe how many golf courses they have. It was truly the most unbelievable thing we ever saw. Just as an FYI, we went into the cheapest house they sell "the patio house" for about $150,000 and it was 1,150 sq feet. With NO mortgage your cost for taxes, amenities and monthly expenses...would cost approx $750 per month. It was a wonderful day and we were dead tired when we got out of there at 4:30 pm and headed home to our RV.

Tomorrow we look forward to seeing Joanie and her family and more of The Villages. Much love to all our family and friends.

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