Sunday, October 16, 2011

We're in Woodbine, Georgia...15 miles from Florida

Sunday, 10/16/11 - We left Hollywood/Charleston, S.C. on Saturday morning intending to finally stay in a WalMart parking lot in Pooler, GA. When we crossed into Georgia that afternoon we stopped at the Georgia Welcome Center and learned that WalMarts are posted in overnight camping. Our first WalMart stay of the trip was shot down. So we started scrambling and found a RV park just a few miles away and spent the night there at a whopping cost of $ of our more expensive stays. It was a nice park and actually located in Port Wentworth, just outside Savannah. We saw Savannah on our last trip through here in 2004-05 so never unhooked the car & just spent the night.

This morning we arrived in our Coast to Coast park, WalkaBout Camp & RV park in Woodbine, GA owned by a young Australian couple w/4 kids. It's back to our $10 park and we will be here for 7 days. There seems to be several things to see in the area including Cumberland Island. However, this afternoon, after our nap, we made a WalMart shopping run and then treated ourselves "out to dinner" at Wendy's, as we had a free coupon for a Dave's Hamburger which is a few miles down the road in Kingsland, GA. My favorite kind of town, one long road and everything is on it.

Going to work this evening on getting settled with an RV park for February & March, 2012 in the Tampa area....that is my goal for the week. Much love to all our family and friends.

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