Thursday, October 13, 2011

Big NEWS for 2012 - Travel Annoucement

I have just received amazing news from daughter additional present for my 70th birthday next year is being planned right now!


My father's family is from Hungary and I have always wanted to see Budapest ever since I made a family connection there while doing some genealogy many years ago. Our trip will start when we leave from Newark, NJ on 8/31/12, fly to Munich, Germany & take a flight to Budapest, Hungary where we will be for 3 days.

We return to Munich and then fly on to Florence, Italy for 8 days and return back to Newark, NJ on 9/10/2012. Of course the fun part of the trip starts for Nancy right now....THE PLANNING of our schedule and activities. I, of course, am just out of mind excited.....I never dreamed I would ever return to Europe plus actually get to see the Tuscany area.

An amazing daughter I have and thank you Nancy just doesn't seem enough...but thank you, I love you and am so grateful for your generosity.

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