Thursday, October 13, 2011

We are in Charleston, So Carolina, y'all

Thursday, 10/13/11 - We have been experience technical difficulties with the computer the last few days which is why the blog has fallen behind. Unable to access the computer at all I put out an emergency text last night to Nancy for the names of Verizon & Geek Squad in the area. An my "no fail" daughter provided both in the same shopping center just down the road from where we are staying. I decided to try Verizon first and little faithful 3g Internet seemed to be the problem, they even upgraded me to a 4g which they say will be faster & better.....will see about that. The important thing... it is working today.

We rolled into Hollywood/Charleston area on Tuesday, 10/11 in the afternoon to a Passport America park, Lake Aire RV a real nice park with pull thru spaces and lots of lawn instead of dirt. We overlook a small lake with a bunch of ducks that hang out there all the time.

Unfortunately, Wednesday, 10/12 our day for sightseeing, we overslept and didn't get out of here until late morning. Normally, that wouldn't matter much but there is NO parking in the city of Charleston if you don't get there early. We finally found a parking garage and then went down to the Visitors Center to sign up for a Gray Line 90 minute city tour. We were able to get on the 12 noon tour and really enjoyed the wonderful history and the incredible old houses. Street after street, house after house each one more beautiful than the last one. Our driver who was rather strange but very knowledgeable and we both thoroughly enjoyed the tour. The driver than dropped most of us off at the Market Place in the heart of Charleston where they sell all kinds of "stuff" plus many African-Americans have stands where they are making Palmetto Baskets which are for sale. They are beautiful and incredibly expensive, one bread basket I looked at was $365 and took 29 hours to make. Your right, Will was not interested in purchasing it! Our bus driver said, "years ago he purchased from an old lady, Mary that made beautiful baskets and she let him pay them off on the installment plan, but today they are worth a lot of money." Several of Mary's baskets are in the Smithsonian Institute today.

We then had a fabulous lunch across the street from the Market Place and just watched the people.....a great place to do that. We then walked around downtown and took a "free" trolley car ride back to the parking garage to head on home. Just getting out of that downtown area is difficult, all the streets are so narrow and the traffic is horrendous. On our way home we found the local WalMart superstore and did our grocery shopping and headed home exhausted. We were going to do more sightseeing today but I decided to get the computer working so we then ran a few errands. First off we found a Book Exchange store to turn in Will's 42 western books that he has read and then we purchased more cowboy books while we were there, he is definitely set for the rest of the trip. Wandered through Kmart and then found the first full service car wash and Will couldn't pass up getting the car washed by someone else. We will finish up our sightseeing tomorrow and head out of here further South on Saturday. Much love to all our family and friends.......Oh and PS to Will & Becky, we found the card game Five Crowns in downtown Charleston and now we can start playing!

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