Monday, October 3, 2011

The cold & rain continues in Virginia

Sunday, 10/2/11 - The cold and rain continues where we are in Virginia but the leaves on the trees are really starting to turn so we will soon see spectacular fall colors. It really is absolutely beautiful here. Today was a pretty lazy day, washed clothes, took a nap and extended our stay here until Thursday morning. However, in the evening our neighbors, Will & Becky asked us if we wanted to join them and a couple of friends in a card game. Now, we don't play cards and figured we would never learn or embarrass ourselves or something awful, but we said yes and joined them in the clubhouse for a very fun card game. Unfortunately, I don't remember the name but will get it from them so we can buy a set and play it ourselves. It was great fun and we both caught on pretty quickly and Will Lyon was even leading in the scoring going into the last game or so and then got beat out by Becky. Get ready Kim & Bill we will teach this game to you guys when we get home so we can ALL play it.

Monday, 10/3/11 Still off and on rain and cold again today, the weather man promises tomorrow will be better, we want to go see Natural Bridges but want a decent day to do so. Today took us into Greensboro, VA where there is a WalMart as we needed our toes done and shop for groceries.

Fortunately, this WalMart did not have a nail/pedicure salon so we found one across the street, Q Nails and headed over there. What a great experience, first of all it was the first salon we have been in since this trip started that our manicurists were NOT Asian. We had two darling girls, Benita and Daniell and they were wonderful, very personable, the four of us talked through out the entire pedicure and Will said it was the BEST pedicure he has had on this trip. Because I forgot to bring my flip flops and had to wait so long for my toes to dry, I had a manicure (of course) while I waited. Will went out into the car and made phone calls as we don't have phone service at the RV park. Then it was back to WalMart to shop and head home exhausted as we had such a busy day (stop snickering) and take a nap. Much love to all our family and friends.

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