Friday, October 14, 2011

Sightseeing at Ft Sumter & USS Yorktown, Charleston, SC

Friday 10/14/11 - Today we were suppose to see Ft. Sumter, where the Civil War began in 1861 and Boone Hall, a plantation, both across the bridge from Charleston in Mt. Pleasant. We set the alarm clock for 7 am as the boat for Ft Sumter leaves at 10:45 am and we have been sleeping in these days.

We got out there about 9 ish and found out the Congressional Medal of Honor Museum, which Will really wanted to see was aboard the USS Yorktown
and required another admission ticket. We purchased both tickets and then spent the entire time out there so will have to catch up seeing a plantation in Georgia when we get there. While waiting for our ferry boat to take us out to the Ft Sumter island we boarded the aircraft carrier, USS Yorktown to go through the Congressional Medal of Honor exhibit. It was very interesting and we learned so much about the medal. Wills' disappointment was....they had nothing on Audie Murphy but a Look magazine cover. One of our most decorated soldiers and no mention or display of him.

We left to board the boat for Ft Sumter. which is a 1/2 hour ride out there and then you actually stay on the island for a one hour self guided tour. They have park rangers giving talks and available to answer questions. It was incredibly windy out there today to the tune I was wearing 2 sweatshirts. Of course most people didn't even have a jacket on which always amazes Will and I. We wander through the museum and all over the fort, me taking pictures and Will reading ever sign. The hour went by in a blink of time and we headed back to shore and our car where we had brought our lunch, one more time.

After lunch we went back to the USS Yorktown and boarded the aircraft carrier to go through the six self guided tours they have on board. Some of what you see is: Living & working areas, Fire and Engine rooms, Flight Deck & Bridge, Ships Memorials & Models, Wardroom & Brig and Charleston Navel Shipyard Museum. All of it was incredibly interesting but you have to realize this is a very BIG aircraft carrier and we were going up and down hundreds of stairs to all these different levels all afternoon, it was exhausting but we did it. We saw everything the ship had to offer. As we were finally leaving Will spotted the submarine Clamagore that was on display next to the USS Yorktown was open to the public for viewing so we hurried down there. I especially wanted to go through the submarine as my old friend Roger served on one and still talks about them fondly. Side Note to Rog: I sent you 3 pictures on my phone so figure out how you can view them.

Well after going through that submarine I can't imagine how anyone does that. Just getting through each of those doors was a job. I even asked some guy ahead of me to take my picture attempting to get through the door. And speaking of close have to be kidding that submarine made the aircraft carrier look like the Westin Hotel. How did you do it Rog?????

We finally left there about 5 pm right in the middle of going home work traffic. We and everyone else here were on highway 17 going South. All traffic in Charleston is either going South or North on 17, one very long highway with houses and business all along the way. I came up with a brilliant idea, I thought, why don't we find a place to eat and when we finish the traffic will be gone! As luck would have it, I had spotted a Chinese Buffet just yesterday and was able to drive right to it. So we had a good leisurely dinner and then got back on the road and guess what...there was just as much traffic as before......but we were full and revived so it didn't matter and we headed home. Tomorrow we leave for Georgia. Much love to all our family and friends.

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