Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dinner with Fallon, Adrienne & Steve, Dayton, OH

Friday, 7/15/11 - Several months before leaving on this trip I tried to find an RV park in close to Huber Heights, OH where the wedding is to take place. I was only able to fine ONE and unbelievable as it seems, it was less than a mile from the bride/granddaughters house. I felt it was definitely "meant to be." When Fallon was in Fresno I asked her if she would check it out when she got home and let me know. Well, she did and said it was a DUMP....... I decided to wait on it and booked a campground (as a back up) outside of town. So today we decided to check it out ourselves knowing that we have stayed in plenty of RV parks that are dumps.

Well she was is a dump, just think a "trailer trash type park" and that's it. However, we met the new manager Stanley, who was very nice and the location was perfect and the price was even better....we said we would take a space for 7 days, starting 7/19 and leaving 7/27. Of course we may have to rent a guard dog for our duration there.

Saturday, 7/16/11 - A day of just hanging around in So Charleston, OH. Will needed a new water hose for the RV so we found an RV dealership not to far and bought a new hose then spent the rest of the time looking at new RV's and 5th Wheels. Of course, we never find anything we like more than ours no matter what the price. It's pretty hard to beat this 2 bathroom Bounder in our book.

That afternoon, I decided to go check out this huge (and I mean huge) barn/building that is filled to capacity with antiques and right down the street (3 blocks.) Honestly, I have never seen anything like it, The Heart of Ohio Antiques. They have an auction in the morning, which I did not attend. I went in the afternoon and just wandered up and down the aisles looking at furniture, glassware and every type of antique imaginable. They even have a restaurant inside there. It was to much to see in one day so I plan to come back on Sunday and finish up looking.

Sunday, 7/17/11 - Well, that's exactly what I did, went back to spend several more hours wandering around the antiques. I especially loved all the cobalt blue glass they had and what the prices they were asking. Many years ago I collected blue glass and had quite a bit in my china closet. Today, that china closet lives with Nancy and Howard in New Jersey for them to enjoy. It was really a fun experience.

Tonight we are meeting Wills twin granddaughters, Adrienne and Fallon and Fallon's soon be husband Steve for dinner at the Outback Restaurant. They have given us the address and girlfriend GPS takes us right to the place and even 30 minutes usual. We were excited to see the girls and meet Steve, who is a very nice and good looking young man.

It was a wonderful opportunity to visit with them by ourselves and hear all about the wedding, the plans for the rehearsal and their honeymoon. We learned that Adrienne is moving to Texas in a couple of weeks to be with her boyfriend who is living and working in Forth Worth, TX. It was a very fun evening and we were so glad it worked out for all of us. Dinner was great and I finally got to have an Outback Blooming Onion.............OMG, was that delicious. I could of had that for the main course.

We can't wait for Kim, Bill and Eric to get here next week ....much love to all family and friends.

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