Friday, July 8, 2011

Yankee Photo Shoot - Day 2, Cleveland, OH

Wednesday, 7/6/11 - Who thought they could possibly top day 1 of the Yankee photo shoot, but they did! Nancy's boss was very grateful to me for the "sacrifice" I made by helping them out he asked Nancy, what could they do for me. Fast thinker that she is, she said, "she would probably love to have her picture taken with Nick Swisher." He said, done!!! So it was arranged that when Nick came to the photo shoot, I was to get in the car and drive back with him.

It was PERFECT, honestly I couldn't have planned this any better. Nick came down, we got in the car just as the fans started to run across the street and then started running after the car, honestly this must be what it's like to have the paparazzi after you. We were held up at the light on the corner & a young girl wearing a Swisher Shirt had a ball and pen in her hand standing at the back window. Nick, the gentleman that he is, rolled the window down and signed her baseball, the light changed and off we went. Good Stuff.

Nick is so personable and we chatted in the car for the couple minutes ride over. I had texted Nancy we were on our way and told her Nick was in a hurry, so I was doubtful about me getting a picture. Oh well, how can you complain when your riding in the limo with Nick Swisher. We got there & the photo shoot started and it was great fun. He has an unbelievable personality and the room and everyone in it just lights up. After they were done with his photo shoot and he was in his Yankee uniform, they asked him if I could take a picture with him. It was the best, the photographer got the first picture of me walking towards Nick with his arms out stretched and then another picture of him hugging me. Both of those 8x10's will be going up on my Yankee wall.

Ok, what could top that.....I have another story that seems more like a dream when I think of it. Mariano Rivera was our last Yankee for the photo shoot. The crowds outside the hotel had really grown pretty large by now and I was nervous about getting him into the car. Mariano steps out of the elevator, dressed in a beautiful suit, I introduce myself and then go out to get the limo to pull up right in front of the hotel. Unfortunately, I didn't tell Mariano to wait inside & he followed me out.......well pandemonium broke out, the fans rushed across the street and tried to mob us. the hotel security were holding them back, but Mariano told them he couldn't sign everything but he would do a few. I'm standing right at his left and after he signed three items, I put my arm out in front of him and said, "thank you but we have to leave now" I pulled his left arm, fortunately he throws right handed and put him in the back seat of the car and I jumped in the front seat. We took off and all those fans were running after us but we made it to the Marriott before them.

The photo shoot went terrific and afterwards, I escorted Mariano, in the limo, over to the baseball park, pulling right into the Players Entrance, just like I had done this before. We got his bag out, said our thank you and good byes and off we went, the limo driver and me to return to the Marriott. Little did I know, they had another surprise for me when I returned, Mariano autographed a baseball for me and they gave me his Yankee cap he used in the photo shoot. What a day, I couldn't have written a more perfect day.......well maybe, if only Derek would have been there, but he wasn't. Oh I forgot, I did see Derek in the lobby with two Yankee security guards and they put him in a cab and he was gone. It was fleeting, but exciting.

Well my Cinderella job was over, and I had to drive the Saturn (not the limo) back to the RV (not the Ritz Carlton) but what an I will treasure forever. Thank you Nancy & Tim for making it all possible....and trusting me! Much love to family and friends.

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