Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Finally, leaving Huber RV park for Pennsylvania

Tuesday, 7/26/11 - Seven days at Huber RV, Hubert Heights, OH is really seven days to long. We are both anxious to get out of here, I even agreed to forgo my 3 mile walk this morning so we could get out of here extra early. Because we had a "mickey mouse" water set up under our neighbors trailer, Stanley had to come by this morning and disconnect it for us as Will couldn't climb under the trailer. That happened about 8:30 am and while that was being done I decided to walk around a few streets and take some pictures of the place, just in case we ever forget. The amazing thing as I look at the pictures it didn't look that bad, I guess it's one of those things you had to experience.

I took pictures of "my dog" that had to be moved from our RV spot, when we arrived, to another tree behind his place. All this week I made sure he had water and gave him dogie treat through out the week, trying to make his life a little better for the time we were here. A very sweet dog and he sure deserved a better home and master. Of course if my mother, Mimi was still alive, she would have stolen him away during the night and gave him a GREAT HOME, but unfortunately, I couldn't do that. I just made his life better for a little while.

Well we are "on the road again" and out of there and boy does it feel good to be in the RV and heading anywhere. We are spending tonight at a Coast to Coast park, Grand Haven Resort, Kimbolton, OH a huge place with stables, 2 pools, lots of activities and so much more. It is so nice we decided to stay 2 days to get caught up on washing and just relax for a day. When we leave here we head for I-80 and Pennsylvania to see Wills old friend, Greg & Andy Goodman. Much love to all our family and friends.

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