Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Still driving through Corn & Soy Beans, Straughn, IN

Wednesday, 7/13/11 - Today has been a very long day of driving....mostly for Will, of course, but being a navigator (that's me) is hard work. I swear it's hard to believe how much corn and soy beans are growing in these three states, Iowa, Illinois & Ohio. Last night I googled "corn uses" and up came a web site titled "A Zillion Uses for Corn" and let me tell you corn is in everything and I mean everything.

We are staying in a really nice Passport America park, New Lisbon Family Campground, Straughn, IN it is half way between Indianapolis and Ohio. It's a really large place with many people living in their trailers full time. However, where we are we overlook a real nice lake that is right next to I74 so we will have an easy exit back onto the freeway.

I was very disappointed to miss the Home Run Derby and All Star Game this year. I always have such a great time with Nancy, while she is working of course but also seeing so many of her friends. I promised her next year I would be there....God willing.

Not much to report on a travel day and we are looking forward to arriving in Ohio tomorrow and staying in one place for a couple of weeks. I think I have to get outside now and walk around that lake or at least sneak on to one of the boat docks of someone who's not home. Much love to all family and friends.

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