Thursday, July 7, 2011

Yankee baseball game tonight, Cleveland, OH

Monday, 7/4/11 - Happy Fourth of July America......tonight is a Yankee and Cleveland Indians baseball game at Progressive Field at 6:30 pm which is only about 6 blocks from our hotel. Now I was suppose to drive out to the campsite and pick up Will for the baseball game tonight & he was going to spend the night in Cleveland at the Marriott and I would take him back on Tuesday. However, because of the photo shoot problems I have now become a part of the "photo shoot team" and would not be able to take Will home. There were so many logistic problems and after I explained everything to Will, he did not want to be a burden on Nancy and was fine with missing the game and staying at the campsite. Nancy has assured me she will make up that missed Yankee game in New York when Will and I arrive in September.

Howard and I decide to leave Nancy alone with her work and drive down to the prison, take the tour and buy Nancy a Shawshank tee shirt. The trip is about 80 miles (one way) and as we are arriving at this awesome sight of the prison I am struck that there are only 2 bikers out front and the place is suppose to open at 11 am and it is exactly 11 am. We drive down to the gate and see the sign on the fence......CLOSED on ALL MAJOR HOLIDAYS. The biker yells out to us, "do you think the 4th of July is a major holiday?" So much for that plan and of course Howard & I agree this is just about how this whole trip has gone. So we head back, stopping at the local WalMart for items Nancy has requested. We head back to Cleveland to get ready for the baseball it possible that will be cancelled....holy moly!

Well it's not and I walk over to the baseball park at 5:30 pm to watch the Yankees take batting practice which is so fun because Nancy is always down on the field and I love to yell at her and take her picture, as any proud mama would do. Of course I'm snapping pictures of Derek and all the boys which is great fun. Finally, the game starts and we have great seats on the first base side, my favorite. Unfortunately, it was a pitching battle this evening, so little hitting and the Yankees loose but it was a great time just being at a Yankee baseball game. About the 8th inning we pulled a "Bill Willis" - which is leave before the end of the game & finish watching it back at the hotel, beating the crowd was everything to him and Nancy has stayed true to that tradition, of course it was ok with me. It did occur to me after we left we missed the fireworks but Nancy still had a lot of work to finish up and tomorrow starts the 2 day photo shoot of which I GET TO BE A PART OF, how exciting is that. Much love to all family and friends.

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