Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sightseeing at US Air Force Museum, Fairborn, OH

Monday, 7/25/11 - Our last full day in Hubert Heights, OH, Kim, Bill, Eric, Will and I set out that morning to explore the Air Force Museum www.wpatb.af.mil/museum/ located at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. It was only about 15 minutes from where we are staying and we arrived around 10:30 am. Will and I toured this museum on our last big cross country trip in 2004-05 and I can remember spending the whole day and having to drag Will out when they started announcing the closing time at 4 pm, closingir the doors at 5 pm.

When we arrived we discovered (we forgot) there is no charge to enter the museum, this is your tax dollars at work on something we can enjoy! The place is 3 gigantic hangers that includes: Early Years Gallery/Wright Bros. early, plus early military flight up to World War II; World War II Gallery, Korean War Gallery, Southeast Asia War Gallery, Berlin Airlift Exhibit, Cold War Gallery, Missile & Space Gallery plus you sign up to be taken by bus to a special hanger that included a one hour tour of several Presidential planes that we were able to board. Now to do this place right you should plan to spend a couple days here, however, we only had this one day and managed to see everything. Kim caught on early that you can't read everything you just have to keep moving. Well, we kept moving until they made the 4 pm, "there is one hour till closing announcement" and we finally got out of there at 4:30 pm. We missed the IMAX Theatre, the Air Park with outdoor exhibits and for the last several days they were having a competition of radio controlled "jet planes." Inside one of the hangars, some of the competitors were working and repairing their airplanes. Will asked one of the guys from the Germany team, what these planes cost. He said, "about the price of a car." They come from all over the world to race these planes and boy were the guys sorry they missed seeing that!

We were all exhausted after leaving the museum and Will, "The Bank of Dad" (a great tee shirt we saw on some older guy at the museum) took us all out to dinner at Wendy's. We took "the kids" back to Adrienne house, where they are staying.....the bride and groom, Fallon & Steve, are on their honeymoon in the Bahamas....so they could pack and get ready for their flight back to Clovis tomorrow morning. The only disaster of the day was Kim's mother, grandma of the bride, missed her early Monday morning flight and had to spend the day/night at a Holiday Inn at the Dayton airport. They will all leave Tuesday for home.

We headed back to our RV, anxiously and very happy to get out of Huber RV Park early Tuesday morning. Will and I decided this was by far the worse place we have ever stayed in all our years of travel. Stanley, the manager, was a great guy and he promises if we come back next year we will see a completely different park.....he has big plans for the place. Good luck Stanley, but I don't think we will be coming back. Much love to all our family and friends.

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