Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fallon & Steve's last...Dayton, OH

Sunday, 7/24/11 - This has been a very busy week in Dayton, Ohio for all of us. At last, Wills granddaughter, Fallon married her long time boyfriend, Steve in a beautiful wedding held at Wright Patterson Air Force Base on Saturday, 7/23. The wedding ceremony was held on base in a small chapel with approximately 150 people in attendance. The bride was absolutely beautiful in her strapless, body fitting gown with pearls, that flared at the bottom with a short train. The attendant's wore long strapless dresses in her favorite color...burnt orange. The guys wore black tuxes with burnt orange vests. It was a beautiful and short ceremony (which the guys liked) approximately 12 minutes. After the ceremony the guests were directed to the reception being held at the Officer's Club on base, about a half mile from the chapel. All of the family on both sides remained at the chapel for wedding pictures.

The California family arrived in Dayton late on Tuesday, 7/19 which consisted on Wills daughter, Kim, husband Bill, Wills son, Eric which is Fallon's father and grandma, Will's ex-wife, Bobbi.

The week was filled with plenty of "wedding drama" which we all survived, everyone got along and I think, everyone really enjoyed the week. Of course it has been the hottest week that Ohio has experienced in over decade but we survived that also. Now us Clovis/Fresno people know heat but throw in the humidity mix and it is something else. If it's 93 degrees they report, the "heat index", which makes the humidity feel like its 105 outside.

We have had several breakfasts & dinners together and all assembled to finish stuffing wedding favors using the every successful "congo line." On Friday, 7/22 we all went to the Air Force Base to have the wedding rehearsal which was great fun and my "picture taking" was in full swing. After the rehearsal we all drove out to Steve's moms house where she hosted a delicious rehearsal dinner.

This morning we gathered at Fallon's mom and step dad, Bev & Ted for a brunch and the opening of the wedding presents. It was, once more, a gathering of the families. Bev is originally from England so her brother and two sisters plus other family were here for the wedding. Many of Fallon's friends and of course the California group. They have a lovely home on about 1 acre with a full basement (Wills favorite thing about houses back here) and a nice swimming pool and outdoor space. After the opening of the presents, most of them went swimming......not the California group and then Will and I left shortly after that, due to rain, lightning & thunder storms. At least the horrid weather has broke a little.

A great big thank you to all of Fallon and Steve's family for their amazing hospitality to all of us and the absolutely beautiful wedding they put on. We made a lot of wonderful new friends and look forwarding to seeing everyone some day in the future. Of course we will NOT be staying at Huber RV Park when we return...............You were sooooooooo right is a dump! Much love to all our family and friends. It will be moving day for us on Tuesday, 7/26.

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Rita said...

I have been waiting with "baited breath" for the wedding blog! You did not disappoint. Really nice.
Been hearing about the steamy weather back there, so Fresno heat must seem mild.
Miss you, R