Friday, July 1, 2011

Goodby Wally World & Hello Grafton, Ohio

Friday, 7/1/11 - After nine days be bid Wally World farewell today. We really had a great time and enjoyed all the people we met, the employees and campers. We would like to come back to see all the changes they will be making to Wally World in the next few years....but time will tell if we ever return this way again.

We are off to American Wilderness Campground which advertises they are the "closest campgrCheck Spellingound to Cleveland" and that's what I'm looking for as this is Nancy & Howard PLUS the NY Yankees week. To say I'm excited is an understatement, I can't wait to head into Cleveland Saturday morning. Our trip this morning was a short one as we were only about 80 miles away from Grafton. Lots of cops and radar guns out for the big holiday weekend. Of course they won't catch Will has he has it set for 55 mph and we just cruise by the coppers.

Our new park is very nice, instead of a swimming pool they have a "beach" that is a big, blue swimming hole and sandy beach. They also have a really large fishing pond and lots of events planned for adults and kids. Tonight was a hayride, and we passed on that. Tomorrow, Saturday they are having a Hawaiian Luau Pig Roast Party which I am sure Will is going to as I will be staying in Cleveland with Nancy and Howard. On Saturday we are going to the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame and Will did not want to go. It's his turn to guard the RV like I did in Albuquerque. Much love to all our family and friends and boy is the fun continuing.

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Jim said...

I had an alternator installed at Ed's Midview Service on SR 82 in Grafton. The work was started a day or two late. In the meantime, my recently painted car sat in Ed's poorly lit parking lot. When my alternator was finally installed, Ed called me and invited me to pick the car up after hours. When I arrived, I immediately noticed that my car was backed into the same space where I parked it two or three days earlier. A dark colored truck or SUV was parked in the space to the driver's side with very little room in between.

Because of the position of the car, poor lighting, and the close proximity of the truck or SUV, I didn't get a good look at the driver's side of my car until after I pulled into my destination just up the road. When I got out, I immediately noticed a large dent in the rear door on the driver's side. I left several messages for Ed that evening and spoke with him the following morning. When I mentioned the damage, he said that it was already there when I dropped it off and that he had two witnesses to prove it. THAT WAS A LIE. When I dropped my car off several days earlier, there was no one there but Ed. So his claim to have witnesses could not have been true. Still, he refused to accept any responsibility for the damage.

About 48 hours after picking my car up, it broke down leaving me stranded about 25 miles from home. The cost to have it towed was $130. The repair charge was another $60. The problem was with the main wire for the alternator that Ed had installed. It had fallen off or broken off. It had never fallen off before Ed laid his hands on it and it hasn't fallen off since.

All together, I am out an additional $350 for the damage to the rear door, $130 for the tow, and $60 for the second repair to the alternator.

I have already filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. The details will be posted on their website in a few weeks unless Ed grows a moral spine, honors a reasonable portion of his own warranty and pays for the body damage to my car, which by the way was in near mint condition until it was severely dented at Ed's Midview Service. In the meantime, I am going to post this warning all over the web.

I have also challenged Ed in writing to a polygraph (lie detector) test. Loser pays the bill. He initially pretended to accept my challenge but then backed out immediately when I called him to make the necessary arrangements. He will never accept my polygraph challenge because he knows that I will pass and he will fail.

Beware of work delays, poorly lit parking lots, and mechanics who refuse to accept any responsibility when they screw up. Beware of Ed's Midview Service.