Thursday, July 7, 2011

Yankee Photo Shoot - Day 1, Cleveland, OH

Tuesday, 7/5/11 - I can only tell you that these two days of the photo shoot were an amazing and very exciting experience for me. Because of the different hotels they were short on staff and Nancy volunteered ME to stay at the Ritz Carlton and wait for the Yankee player to get off the elevator, I go and introduce myself to him and escort him out to the limo that will drive him to the Marriott hotel. Now I am a nervous wreck, sure I know them when they have their uniforms with numbers on but will I recognize them in street clothes? I have roster pictures of them to help me ID them and of course they have a scheduled time they are suppose to come down. It starts at 9 am that morning and I got ALL of them but two players.....I missed them but fortunately the bell captains knew them and put them in the limo. I stayed in the hotel lobby, wearing Nancy's official MLBPA badge around my they wouldn't kick me out and the players would think I was for real. Actually, I would walk up to the player, shake their hand, introduce myself as Carole Willis, Players Association and I have your car out front, which is a 2 minute ride, to take you to your photo shoot. The players were scheduled every half hour of course some were late or no shows and I was texting and calling Nancy & limo all day.

Around lunch time I rode back with a player to have lunch (they had a wonderful selection of food for the players at the photo shoot) and actually watch a photo shoot. Pretty amazing stuff and what an elaborate set up. I returned to the Ritz Carlton and rode back with the last player for that day, Phil Hughes. I can not fully explain how exciting this day was and how much fun I had and they were said they were grateful to have me and very thankful for the job I had done. It was crazy watching the fans gather across the street (they were not allowed at the Ritz) and every time a player & I walked out they started yelling for autographs. Certainly a day I won't soon forget and I still have tomorrow to do this all over again. Much love to all family and friends.

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Cheryl said...

Hey Carole, we were all in Anaheim last weekend and went to the Angels game on Sat. evening. We had no idea, but they honored my favorite, Garrett Anderson, who's retired now. It was so much fun. I've really missed being at the stadium!